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What You Should Know about Cocaine Possession Charges

Many people understand the dangers and consequences of drug use. However, many people still proceed and use drugs. If you are found to be in possession of illegal drugs, charges will be filed against you. After being arrested, you should find out more about the charge and ways you can reduce the damages.

In case you are found to be in possession of cocaine, the officer will arrest you and be charged in court. Before you even speak to a lawyer in Louisiana once arrested for in possession of cocaine, there are a number of things you should do. Some of the things include the following.

1. Find out the different types of charges for cocaine possession.

You need to know the exact charges before you even decide on your defense strategy. You would be facing two types of charges for being in possession of cocaine. One charge is the actual possession. In this case, a police officer finds that you are in possession of cocaine and you are also aware you had it. Be sure to view here!

But if cocaine was found in your glove compartment or backpack, the prosecutor may use the constructive possession theory to prove possession. With constructive possession, there is a need for proof of intent. Cocaine can be anywhere you have legal control including your bag, hotel room or house. Click this website to know more about lawyers, visit

2. Hire the right lawyer.

It has become expensive to hire a lawyer these days. However, it can be frustrating finding a lawyer you are confident will defend you as you want. If you cannot afford a lawyer, public defenders could be an option although they have so many cases. Therefore, a public defender might not give your case the required attention. A perfect option would be a drug possession lawyer who has extensive experience and a proven record. An experienced lawyer will know the best way to deal with your charges. Get more info.

3. Understand defense options.

The government must provide proof you had cocaine and you had good knowledge of your possession. The other option is to prove you did not know you were in possession of cocaine or you didn’t know that was cocaine. Another way is to defend yourself through intent to control. For instance, if a person left cocaine in the car, you can say you did not have the intention to control it.

4. Learn about the penalties.

There are penalties you could face if charged in Louisiana state court. If you are found with cocaine below 2 grams in weight, you would get a jail term not exceeding two years. You might also be sentenced for an additional five thousand dollars.

If the cocaine is 2 or more grams but not more than 28 grams, you get a jail term of one year or more but below five years. Besides, you could get a fine that does not exceed five thousand dollars.

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